Kinesiology is a powerful, effective therapy that identifies and balances the emotional, nutritional and physical needs of your body – great for treating the root cause of a problem rather than just the symptoms.



CORE fascial release – 1 hr £50

Kinesiology – 1hr 15mins £58

*Initial consultation allow 1.5hrs


Kinesiology – 1hr £40

Lifestyle/dietary consultation – 1 hr £40

*Initial consultation allow 1.5hrs


 Stress triggers

Brain function and co-ordination


Neck pain and headaches

Muscular aches and pain

Certain muscles are related to specific organs and acupuncture meridians. We evaluate the relationships between them using a gentle technique called muscle testing. This identifies any imbalances in the body.

To bring equilibrium to the body we use techniques from eastern and western therapies including; site specific pressure points, emotional stress release tools, massage, the meridian system and chakras, brain co-ordination, nutritional sensitivities and acupressure.

Background – Dr George Goodheart, chiropractor , noticed if he tested specific muscle before and after he made his correction, patients had better results. He studied this further and made a connection with the Chinese acupuncture system. He correlated specific muscles to a corresponding organ and its meridian and developed a method to test these muscles, called muscle testing. In this way we can identify muscle function, its corresponding median line and organ. This can help identified any stresses on the body that are affecting these system and identify technique s which will bring them into balance.

The sessions take place fully clothes on a massage table, shoes off for comfort. I will explain and show the muscle testing technique and any questions you may have. Typically I suggest to client to relax and close there eyes if it feels comfortable as this can be deeply relaxing. After the session I explain what we have been balancing and any recommendations. Normally clients feel relaxed and calmer at the end of the session. As this treatment work with the energy systems of the body it can be offered remotely,

CORE Fascial release As developed by Noah S Karrasch, LMT Adv Cert Rol, to Cox Order and Restore Energy ( C.O.R.E.), these principles have been created from a foundation of Rolfing created by Ida P Rolf phD.

“If you can imagine how it feels to have a fluid, light, balanced body free of pain, stiffness and chronic stress, at ease with itself and the earth’s gravitational field, then you will understand Structural Integration” – Ida Rolf

A structural assessment will be made, looking at posture, alignment any areas holding restrictions and tensions, injuries. You will be fully clothed, wearing loose clothes, without shoes on a massage couch. This treatment is a partnership, we will work together to create change and movement in the body. This differs from traditional massage in that you are participating in the treatment to consciously moves into areas of tension to release through movement and breath under my guidance and interaction.

I find this was of working empowering and leaned to its effectiveness. After the session, we will look again at posture, alignment, restrictions to assess the change. Also, I will make any necessary recommendations. Clients normally feel they can breathe with more ease, movement is more fluid, areas holding tension have eased and a sense of lightness. The nature of this treatment means it is only available in person.

Please allows 1.5 hrs for the first consultation so we have plenty of time for background assessment, expiation of treatment and questions. This is at no extra cost as being as informed as possible allows for more comprehensive treatment and outcome.

“Whatever you need help with, Joanne offers not only the highest quality of kinesiology but also a profound ability to listen and understand. Her treatment tunes into the wisdom of your system and, with her compassionate expertise, healing unfolds in an almost magical way. Joanne is a highly experienced therapist who is wholly committed to her clients. She has helped me more deeply and more effectively than any other form of therapist, and I will be eternally grateful to her.”

Rosanna, Edinburgh

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